After-School Film Program

Note: this program is not offered in 2017-18

Each film program takes place over the course of six weeks.

During this time, twelve students create original videos.

They learn how to combine the storytelling elements of the Theatre Arts Workshops and the image-based elements of the Visual Arts Workshops.

We also provide an introduction to basic film grammar and digital video editing.

The emphasis is on the development of co-operative skills and the self-discipline necessary for the rewarding experience of taking a film from the abstract concept of development to a concrete artifact of cinema that can be shared on the computer or “big screen.”

The goal of the 6-week course is to create an original short film scene that includes live-action dramatic elements, interacting with fantastical creative elements such as children’s drawings or puppets.

The results are varied, interesting, and quite professional!

Some films from previous workshops

Here are some examples of videos that students created in our film workshops.

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